About Us

Our Goal

The Race for Renewable Energy

SmartEnergy NT is a community-led organisation advocating for the economic and social benefits of renewable energy and smart energy systems in the NT. 

Embracing renewable energy remains a cost-effective and technologically-mature method to mitigate climate change and transition to a low-carbon economy.

Our goal is to advocate for uptake of renewable and smart energy systems in commercial, industrial and domestic markets in the Territory.

There is general enthusiasm for renewable energy, and the potential positive economic, social and environmental benefits. Despite this, the Northern Territory is lagging behind in uptake of renewable energy and smart energy systems:

  • The NT Government has committed to reaching a 50% renewable energy target for commercial and residential electricity supply by 2030
  • Demand for renewable energy is rapidly increasing, and is expected to displace demand for traditional (fossil-fuel) generation
  • Currently, our electricity generation mix is largely made up of gas and oil, with only about 10% coming from renewable energy sources

Increasing energy consumption and demand, and the rapid rise in demand for renewable energy, mean the NT must be proactive to reap any potential economic and social rewards.

Northern Territory Government (2020).

Our Ethos

Transitioning to a low-carbon future requires the NT to act on opportunities for embracing renewable energy and smart energy practices.

We aim to inform the public, energy industry members and policymakers of the benefits and potential hazards of renewable energy. We aim to stay abreast of the issues that the renewable energy industry is currently facing, and work together with industry members and policymakers to try and resolve those issues.

We value cooperation and collaboration when it comes to solving current and future issues facing the NT’s energy industry; as such, our members originate from both the renewable energy industry and the traditional energy sector.

Our management committee comprises a wide range of industry participants, including:

  • Alan Langworthy – Chair of the Expert Panel on the Roadmap to Renewables Committee
  • Bill Miller – Quality Solar NT
  • Geoff Goodrich – Great Power Solutions and Executive Officer of SmartEnergy NT
  • Jeremy Hunt – Country Solar NT
  • Juergen Zimmermann – ABB Australia is an international company with a significant presence in the NT
  • Neil Carberry – NC Electrical & Solar City NT

Our Alliances

COOLmob are working with us to educate decision-makers and people of influence in government and in our community. The COOLmob team will focus on advocating for renewable energy and informing domestic consumers.

Property Council NT are providing us with opportunities to communicate with their members, and are happy to work with us to facilitate the speedy acceptance and implementation of solar and smart energy solutions throughout the business community.

Territory Proud Inc. are helping our goal to Buy Local and employ Territory residents.

Industry Skills Advisory Council NT (ISACNT) are working with industry stakeholders to understand skills capacity and capability for renewable energy in the NT.

Master Builders Association are helping provide admin assistance, legal advice and advocacy in the area of regulation and processes.

Energy Club NT has expanded to include all areas of energy production, including renewable energy; we aim to join these forums to discuss the status of the renewable energy industry in the NT and collaborate with industry members.