2019 NT Smart Energy Summit & Expo – An Overview

The NT Smart Energy Summit & Expo was held on the 10th of April 2019 at Darwin’s Mindil Beach Casino and was attended by over 120 local and international stakeholders.

The main attraction for the day was the key note speakers, CEO of the Smart Energy Council, John Grimes and Australia’s Chief Scientist,  Dr. Alan Finkle, each a well known and respected expert in their field.

The event was attended by a diverse range of Territorians and interstate attendees. Government, electrical industries, environmental groups were the largest contributors and each offered a unique and relevant take on the days discussion topics.

The event had the largest crowd during the breakfast event estimated at 120 to see the key note speakers. This number fell slightly as the day progressed however the event had high attendee interest and interaction throughout each of the speakers and panel discussion.

The Event featured 10 speakers and a panel discussion. The speakers included:

The NT Smart Energy Summit & Expo has been praised for bringing together such a divers range of speakers from all backgrounds: Government, Not-for-Profit groups, and private sector giants from their respective industries.

Each of these speeches (and presentations) can be found on our Supporters Area. You will need to register as a member of the Smart Energy NT Action Alliance.

The exhibition featured 14 exhibitors each with their own table. These exhibitors included:


Attendees were given time in between speeches and after the panel discussion to interact with each brand.

The exhibitors come from a range of backgrounds such as environmental groups who displayed the initiatives they are supporting to push for sustainable change, government departments showing their plans for infrastructure and development of the energy industry, and renewable energy stakeholders such as installers, electricians, brokers, and workplace safety and training organisations each promoting their brand and possible contributions.

Crowd feedback indicated that highlights for the day included Dr. Alan Finkel, the panel discussion, and the expertise of speakers which was shown through question’s from the crowd after their respective speeches.