Smart Energy Action Alliance Event – June 20


SmartEnergy NT Action Alliance

3pm- 6.00pm Thursday June 20

ABB, 54 Export Drive East Arm Berrimah

New Date due to addition of the Beyond Zero Emissions Report Public Launch

We are now please to advise that in conjunction with Environment Centre NT we will be having the public launch of the Beyond Zero Emissions Report: “The 10 Gigawatt Vision: How renewable energy can power jobs and investment in the Northern Territory”.



Public launch of the Beyond Zero Emissions Report

“The 10 Gigawatt Vision: How Renewable Energy can power jobs and investment in the Northern Territory”

Speakers Eytan Lenko and Vanessa Petrie – BZE


Funding the Future – Renewables in the NT

Jeremy Kwong-Law heads up Grok Ventures, the private investing vehicle of Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder of Atlassian and one of Australia’s most successful technology entrepreneurs. Grok is particularly interested in energy investments that make use of Australia’s renewable energy resource.

4.00 PM

Forum – How do we achieve this

Guest speakers and group leaders will share their thoughts on the way forward.


Group Creation

Following the presentations we will be forming the four groups listed below to work on projects to achieve our goals.

SmartEnergy NT Policy Group will be formed to explore ways to achieve our goals and then create policy suggestions and form alliances with like minded groups such as RepowerNT. This Group will be led by Alan Langworthy who was the chair of the Roadmap to Renewables committee.

SmartEnergy NT Technical Group will be created to search the world for technical solutions to create stronger grids and microgrids with the goal of producing technology the will assist us in the NT and give us the opportunity to export the technology elsewhere in Australia and overseas. We are fortunate to have a wonderful facility which specialises in Microgrids for ABB right here in Darwin with research and testing facilities which are world class. This group will be led by Juergen Zimmermann from ABB who is a passionate Territorian who has the strong technical knowledge to lead this group.

SmartEnergy NT Hydrogen Group will be formed in response to the strong interest shown following our event on April 10 when the Chief Scientist for Australia, Dr Alan Finkel, spoke on the medium and long term opportunities for hydrogen in the NT. With Japan and Korea already committed to becoming Hydrogen economies and our gas already being exported to these countries the NT is in an ideal position to produce Green Hydrogen (fully renewable generated) for export to these countries and others. On the local scene it was agreed there are opportunities to develop an ‘inspirational’ Hydrogen project here now. This could be particularly so where high cost diesel is the present way to generate power.

Repower NT Working Group to advocate for the recommendations within the BZE report and to work with the 3 other groups to create a powerful voice for the 10 Gigawatt Vision.

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You can now join the SmartEnergy NT Action Alliance and become part of the solution to develop practical ways to build our solar and Smart Energy footprint. This will allow business and consumers to reduce their power cost and facilitate smarter ways to integrate solar energy with the grid. You can join the SmartEnergy NT Action Alliance for as little as $100 by going to

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