SmartEnergy NT Action Alliance

What We Do?

The SmartEnergy NT Action Alliance is a Smart Energy NT initiative that aims to bring together individuals, community groups, and public and private organisations for the purpose of  demanding and facilitating change in the Northern Territory’s energy sector. The main objective is to transform the Northern Territory into a leader of renewable energy technology and innovation within Australia and internationally. This is achieved through providing networking events with key points of discussion and influential speakers from the broader renewable energy community as well as an online community discussion page where members of the alliance are able to ask and answer questions.

The goals of the NT Energy Action Alliance are to:

  • Increase our membership to incorporate knowledge and ideas from a wider range of individuals and industries.
  • Increase education levels across renewable energy topics for the Northern Territory as a whole.
  • Increase the Alliances influence across government and industry groups to drive real change for the Northern Territory.
  • Provide long term benefit for all members of the NT Energy Action Alliance.

Who Are We?

Our Current members include many individuals and organisations that stem from both the government and private sectors. By becoming a member, you will be able to access a full list of member contacts that share a common for developing the Northern Territory in a positive way.

Our Major sponsors include :

  • The Northern Territory Government
  • Smart Energy NT
  • ABB

What We Have Done?

The NT Energy Action Alliance Forum- Towards 2030

The NT Energy Action Alliance Forum- Towards 2030 was held on 12 December 2018 and brought together members of the NT Energy Action Alliance for a series of presentations followed by discussion focused on improving the Northern Territories energy practices by the year 2030.

The presentations included:

  • Eytan Lenko – RePower NT
  • Juergen Zimmermann – Microgrids
  • Alan Langworthy – Towards 2030

Outcomes from this event:

  • With an attendance of over 70 people it is clear there is a strong interest from industry, government and the community to achieve better outcomes for the benefit of all and the opportunity to increase solar in our community to meet the NTG government’s 50% Renewables goal.
  • The committee has commenced looking at projects using grants and local investment to develop a cloud monitoring service as our first project.
  • We are looking for other opportunities and particpants who want to work with us to achieve better outcomes fo rthe NT.
  • It is apparent that energy storage is one of the great opportunities that the NT has to take advantage of our potential to generate soalr power for our own use and export with new technoloies such as Hydrogen.

What We Plan To Do?

Following the 2018 forum there will be regular events where members of the alliance will be able to share their progress on goals set in previous forums and new ideas that can be undertaken by individual members or groups within the NT Energy Action Alliance. Each event will feature fresh guest speakers that will enable the alliance to stay relevant and updated with trends in this every changing indust

How You Can Help?

You can help the NT Energy Action Alliance by becoming a member of SmartEnergy NT, contributing to group events and discussions, and promoting the NT Energy Action Alliance to other members of the community that can benefit from a cleaner energy future in the Norther Territory.

(Hint: If you know an individual or organisation that uses electricity or water in the NT, they can benefit from a cleaner energy future in the NT)

How To Join?

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