Our Goals

  • To deliver a program that will educate the community about the economic benefits of Smart Energy Solutions

  • To ensure the efforts of the Roadmap to Renewables Report is implemented with all its recommendations

  • To advocate for improvements in the regulations and processes that restrain good practice in throughout industry

  • To promote the Buy Local message to Government, industry and domestic customers

  • To promote good practice within the local industry

  • To advocate for locally based training at all level of industry

There are two main areas from the Roadmap to Renewables Report which will lead to the goals being met.

The first is about creating a framework for the supply and installation of solar farms, by providing a suitable framework and certainty of investment.

The second is to provide the PV (roof top) solar industry with streamlined regulations and processes to help reduce lead times and end user costs by passing on savings made available from a reduction in red tape.

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